haven’t wrote on here in a while and I miss it. I miss you guys. I miss creative me ūüė© I have been having the hardest time expressing myself and especially expressing my emotions. the way that I love has become so conditioned, so uptight. It saddens me. I have all this love in my MIND but it won’t come out verbally. 

I was people watching… well person watching & I was finding out new things about me while watching him. 

Details excite me. They are what make me fall in love the most. the smirk that comes immediately after a kiss. how gentle your hands are when you touch my hips. slight tilt of your head when you start to think about something. how high your voice gets when you laugh lol that’s the cutest. and then you can’t seem to catch your breath. or even how you say hmmmm after every damn intriguing thing that comes outta my mouth that lets me know you still find me interesting… the details are what makes me love you. 

More than anything, love heals me. love calms me. Love makes me feel whole. And sweet and feminine and strong and vulnerable. and lost, refreshed, happy. Love makes me who i am. 

the love I have for myself multiplies every time I allow myself to love someone. I find out more things. I have more ideas. I get extremely creative and submerge myself in this deep ocean of an emotion. It possesses all things that i dream to be. It allows me to be the woman I truly am and it also allows me to see people for them at their deepest core. love is the cure. Love is the potion. Love is the answer to everything.  

Somehow, some way I want to get back to my authentic love. And I think writing about it will help me. 

I just love to love. I have an addiction. I must admit. It’s the most addicting drug.

I’ll take you guys on my love journey.