so you ever think how we are so quick to leave someone or want to give up on someone that we say we love? love is very conditional for humans. we only love as far as we can see. we never really love through whatever. everyone has a dark side. everyone has dark days and it’s truly a test of your LOVE to stick around with someone through it all. not your loyalty. God loves us through everything. He loves us through the darkest things we can possibly imagine. lying, cheating, stealing, killing, and we refuse to love if someone lies. not to say that we should be a fool in love, but we should be understanding. We should want to understand why a person did what they did. we should want to understand why a person hasn’t been able to conquer the demon that they have been battling. i just want someone that will love me through all of my dark days. to want to be my light when I can’t see my way through. to lift me up when I can’t seem to find my strength. I crave for a love with no restrictions. A love that doesn’t keep count of my wrongs, but remembers the reason they chose to love me in the first place. It’s possible to have a love like this. I know that, because I have a God that told me so. to my future husband, I love you already. I want you to know that I will love you through every storm. Every threshold. every demon that you can’t fight alone, I will fight with you! I want that Ephesians 3:14 love. A love so unconditional. A love so fearless. A love that will stand the test of time. I will get it. I’m praying for you. I’m praying for us. 


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