the Queen in me

I used to (& kinda still do sometimes) sell myself short because I wanted to remain “humble” and not seem pompous or overly confident because ppl take that as being conceited. I know now that I am a QUEEN 💜 and Queens possess inner & outer beauty, gracefulness, good energy, influence, undeniable strength, and most of all – individuality. so what makes me the same as any other female ? I am ME! unique and my own person. so my King is set for me. not by mistake, but by fate .. I know this. so ladies, he’ll KNOW that girls like YOU don’t come around AT ALL cause you’re HIS! lol so embrace that shit and be confident in your Queendom! Young Queens 👑✨ your King is coming!! #iLowkeyJustReadThisInMyBible #ImTheMessengerTho #QueensAndKings #YoungQueen #iAmMe #imUpToSomething 💡


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