third eye awakening is one of the most painful, beautiful experiences… I’ve discovered so many things about myself. I am very cold with my emotions, but now long so bad to be passionate about all things. I am not a very good communicator, I repress my thoughts so I won’t have to deal with conflict. I am not sympathetic, but now I know that sympathy is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It teaches how to dive into emotions and completely immerse ourselves in them. I am strong, but can’t be weak, when that is really the only time God can use me when I show my vulnerabilities. I am a mess is what this all sums up to. I opened my eyes and now my mind to understand that I am gracefully flawed and now I can embrace every one of them with open arms, love myself, and unselfishly love all the people that are in it. third eye awakening, idc how bad it feels now, just continue to be good to me! 💜👁💡 #ConsciousLiving #ThirdEye #spirtualElightenment #WOKE #WorkInProgress 😌✨


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