this is it! 

what a feeling? LOVE!!! LOVE ELEVATED!! 

I have never felt love like this. love all around me. family, friends, all of my loved ones. all this love I’m feeling. It makes you feel whole and I do. I feel unstoppable. I feel on top of the world. Want to just thank God for taking me higher in Him. He allowed me to be where I’m at today in my womanhood. my Christianity. In love…. Love is powerful, man. today I spent some much needed time with my siblings, little cousins, and my aunt. We had such a great time and in the mist of everything I caught myself thinking (nothing unusual for me lol) but I was just thinking how deep you can really care for someone. to love a person so deep, you love them just as much as you love yourself! SELFLESS LOVE! wow. never imagined in a million years I would be feeling this way. Coming from a once self absorbed, bratty ass diva of a black girl who didn’t think about NOBODY but her, her, and HER! and to think that I thought I was in love before! HA! I thought, huh? this love I’m feeling now is the real deal. I just wanna keep going higher and really enjoy every emotion in its fullness. y’all better get you some! it’s so free and it’s EVERYTHING 😩


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