small packages 

the greatest things in this earth are free. and the most miraculous blessings are in the smallest packages! …. BABIES! 

I was going to the 7th grade when I found out my mom was having another baby. i was the only girl for a very long time and the oldest so I basically got whatever I wanted , when I wanted, and how I wanted it. but my mom quickly knocked me off that pedastal when she told me she was having a baby girl. lol 

At first, I was nervous… Cause my brothers and I were already old enough and bringing a new edition to the family meant the entire dynamic of the house was going to change, but as the due date came closer, I was excited! Always wondering how she was gonna look, how her personality was gonna be.. Oh.. And how to change a diaper!! 😂 I don’t remember the last time I changed one before my sister came. All of my little cousins were already in elementary school. That was history by then! 

I was in my last period of the day at school when I got called down to the office to go home! I knew what time it was!!! My baby sister was coming! 

My grandma picked me up and we rushed to the hospital. so excited to finally get to see her. 

Fast forward a bit, I got to the room and instantly was so happy! She was sooooooo tiny! just perfect. I held her for the first time and was thinking how my life just got so much better. right then, at 13 years old, I knew the magnitude of this blessing! God blessed us with such a small, but such a meaningful miracle! 

Jayla Rose was what I named her. my little mini me. 

I can still vividly feel those emotions every time I tell that story. So I can just imagine how things will be when I have my first born! when the time is right, God will give me yet another blessing and another small package! I can’t wait! 


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