the need to be vulnerable 

when you hurt someone you love, you hurt. everything that they feel, you feel. emotions are so powerful. love is definitely powerful…. and apologies are the foundation to all of that. 

I have been a proud person for basically my entire life! I suffered a lot because of pride. when I needed help, I didn’t wanna ask for it. When I was scared, I hid it because I didn’t wanna seem weak. & I when I knew I hurt people I rarely apologized or if I did, it was half-assed because I didn’t want to become vulnerable. 

But as I am getting older and maturing, I understand the meaning behind an apology and also sincerity! 

When you apologize to someone and are truly genuine in your words, a person can sense that. it feels so good to have someone understand your pain or hurt. To sympathize with you and admit that they were wrong. it’s so freeing. 

just imagine if your significant other did something that hurt you… they said a hurtful thing, or cheated, or lied to you… would you love them more if they apologized and was sincer about it or just brushed it under the rug because they didn’t feel the need to talk about it. no apology, no nothing? 

of course we all want an apology! they mean a lot. they can make or break a relationship at the end of the day if you think about it. I would definitely appreciate that!

Never be too proud towards the people you love, man. They can be gone at any second and the hurt will only transfer to you. set everyone free and just apologize. it’ll be worth it. 


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