it’s the little things … literally 

waking up in the middle of night is a normal thing for me… but tonight, I was having something like a nightmare. I understood and saw the dream so vividly … felt every emotion and I just woke up. first thing, I turned over to see that my little sister made her way in my bed and right under me ❤️❤️❤️❤️😩😩 immediately started to thank God for such a wonderful blessing! 😓🙏 I will never understand why He gave me such an angel!! Cannot even fathom the idea of having a child of my own. I know I’m going to be such a great mommy some day! never going to abandon my child!! love them unconditionally!!  the most unselfish love.. ❤️ Ugh. idk. God works so mysteriously… anyway,

sweet dreams, guys.. pray before you lay…. again 


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