mini thoughts of the night.

I tend to go off into a dark place and feel as if I’m not worth it… But lately, when I get to a weird place in my life, I separate myself from the world. I have come to terms that I am really misunderstood and that’s a good thing! It shows me that I am not normal. Something is different from me and I have a gift that I need to share with people. Finding my purpose is definitely a process, (not an easy one, for sure) but I am ready to learn AND accept what God has called upon my life. I am having a really interesting time figuring out who I am, where I want to be, and trusting that I am going to get there. I know many people my age are lost. Not saying that they are living a bad life, but they aren’t living with a purpose. Just kinda walking with a blindfold, hoping to find a way. Any way. I don’t want to be that way and I will not be that. I constantly say this, but I have big dreams. Trying to stay behind the scenes as of now until I get my spiritual well being into a new level. Then it’ll be my time to show the world the blessings of the Glo Up! Lol just stay tuned, guys. Thank you to anyone who’s watching and believes in me! Even if it’s from a distance. I appreciate all the love! 


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