Cliche Beginners Title.. 

I’ve always been a writer… Never really thought anything of it until 9th grade. I started writing to release all of the many emotions I was bottling up and it was therapeutic. Many times, people have told me that I’ve inspired them or helped them figure out what it is they were trying to deal with so I thought by me starting a blog, we could all benefit from it. 

I wanted to do this for maybe two years now, but I’ve always chickened out or was just lost in the sauce…. But anyhow , I’m here now and that’s all that matters. I’m not very good with my words, but it makes sense to  most people I’ve shared with so please bear with me lol … I might ramble, I might make a valid point, you might not agree with shit I say, but I’m putting it out there for criticism. Good or bad.

Sooooo here it is…. Hey, my name is Jasmine and this is just a little tour inside of my every day thoughts. Hope you guys enjoy. 


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