10 things about me! 

Lol here’s another cliche blog, but I feel like most people don’t really know little quirky shit about me. So I thought I’d share 10 things.

  1. By the end of my third grade year, I read over 230 books. Lol how do I know this? Cause I was in a book club! Haha I read the newspaper and got lost in the Harry Potter series when I was that age. I was a pretty cool kid. 
  2. I don’t like small talk. It makes me uncomfortable and yea … I’m uncomfortable, next thing.
  3. I have four names. My first name, two middle names, and my last name – and I almost got my mom AND dad’s last name. Lol luckily they didn’t hate me that much.  It was hard enough on me coming up as a kid trying to learn what I have.
  4. I don’t really eat meat. I don’t eat pork at all and chicken makes me sick just to smell it. Time and time again, I’ve told myself I was going to cut out all meat because the health benefits are a plus too , but I never commit completely. Haven’t had the determination, but one day. 
  5. I want to move to the country. Not sure where yet, but most likely I will be … (Or at least to a smaller city) 
  6. I can shape my tongue like a three leaf clover! Hahahaha I learned in 6th grade. Haven’t stopped since lol 
  7. I’m the oldest of four kids. Proud big sister of two brothers and a little diva of a sister. They’re literally my everything.
  8. I listen to just about every type of music. Except heavy metal. Contemporary and the blues are my favorites.
  9. I consider myself an outcast. I prefer the lone wolf life, but I generally get along with everyone.
  10. Last but not least, my favorite fun fact. I’m an emotional/stressful baker. If I’m feeling unlike myself or have a lot on my mind, I will have an entire bakery at my house. It’s a habit I developed in middle school. It has it’s perks haha 

Okay.. That’s it. Nothing out of this world, but hopefully you found something out that you didn’t know about me already. 


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