Who are you? 

At the end of the day….. who are you?

what makes you , you!? 

What defines you?!

Who do you want to be!? 


Ironically speaking 

mind in a million places. running a million races. seeing too many faces. 

turn it off. 


mind in the clouds. speakers turning down.

but it’s louder in here now.


ny mind has a mind of its own. how ironic, right? 

Maybe I’m sleepy .. 

It’s really crazy how our generation “dates”. It’s a little awkward for me because I’m soft and romantic when I feel emotions for someone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really good at playing hard to get and not showing that I care, but it’s tiring.. Why should I have to think about when to text you if I honestly just miss you? Why should I have to wait to tell you that I would like to be in a relationship? Why do I have to tell myself that it’s too good to be true EVERY time I meet someone because society doesn’t want me to be in love? No one wants to be in love nowadays… WHY!? 

I really just want to be happy with someone and be corny, make love because it’s 2 p.m and you did that thing I like that you do, or just be able to tell the world that I’m in love with my best friend. That’s what I want. I’ve been “settling” for this “let’s make a bond and never be official” shit. I’m too good for it and I’m too beautiful. Inside and out. 

I have been writing a lot about love and I guess maybe cause I am ready for it. I’m curious to explore it as a more mature female. I’m more of a woman now. Time to meet my man.

I just might be thinking too hard about this right now , but I’m sure I’m on the right track. Hmmm … I’ll explore more of this later. Time to sleep. 
Peace. Love. And Faith 🌙 night/morning, yall.


i wish that I could be more open about my life. 

I want to feel love again. 

I wish I could travel the world in 80 days.

I want to ride an elephant.

I am on a self journey.


10 things about me! 

Lol here’s another cliche blog, but I feel like most people don’t really know little quirky shit about me. So I thought I’d share 10 things.

  1. By the end of my third grade year, I read over 230 books. Lol how do I know this? Cause I was in a book club! Haha I read the newspaper and got lost in the Harry Potter series when I was that age. I was a pretty cool kid. 
  2. I don’t like small talk. It makes me uncomfortable and yea … I’m uncomfortable, next thing.
  3. I have four names. My first name, two middle names, and my last name – and I almost got my mom AND dad’s last name. Lol luckily they didn’t hate me that much.  It was hard enough on me coming up as a kid trying to learn what I have.
  4. I don’t really eat meat. I don’t eat pork at all and chicken makes me sick just to smell it. Time and time again, I’ve told myself I was going to cut out all meat because the health benefits are a plus too , but I never commit completely. Haven’t had the determination, but one day. 
  5. I want to move to the country. Not sure where yet, but most likely I will be … (Or at least to a smaller city) 
  6. I can shape my tongue like a three leaf clover! Hahahaha I learned in 6th grade. Haven’t stopped since lol 
  7. I’m the oldest of four kids. Proud big sister of two brothers and a little diva of a sister. They’re literally my everything.
  8. I listen to just about every type of music. Except heavy metal. Contemporary and the blues are my favorites.
  9. I consider myself an outcast. I prefer the lone wolf life, but I generally get along with everyone.
  10. Last but not least, my favorite fun fact. I’m an emotional/stressful baker. If I’m feeling unlike myself or have a lot on my mind, I will have an entire bakery at my house. It’s a habit I developed in middle school. It has it’s perks haha 

Okay.. That’s it. Nothing out of this world, but hopefully you found something out that you didn’t know about me already. 

Cliche Beginners Title.. 

I’ve always been a writer… Never really thought anything of it until 9th grade. I started writing to release all of the many emotions I was bottling up and it was therapeutic. Many times, people have told me that I’ve inspired them or helped them figure out what it is they were trying to deal with so I thought by me starting a blog, we could all benefit from it. 

I wanted to do this for maybe two years now, but I’ve always chickened out or was just lost in the sauce…. But anyhow , I’m here now and that’s all that matters. I’m not very good with my words, but it makes sense to  most people I’ve shared with so please bear with me lol … I might ramble, I might make a valid point, you might not agree with shit I say, but I’m putting it out there for criticism. Good or bad.

Sooooo here it is…. Hey, my name is Jasmine and this is just a little tour inside of my every day thoughts. Hope you guys enjoy.